How the Ukraine Gambling Market Can Attract Tourists – The Odessa Tour

Odessa is a city in Ukraine with multiple ethnicities doing businesses. The seaside town with various venues, restaurants, and hotels has served as a tourist attraction center. Visitors can reach Odessa via multiple modes: by air, by car, by river, by train, or by sea. The city acts as a global transportation hub. Visiting at Odessa from Kyiv takes almost one hour. Travelers using cars can arrive in about five hours.

Odessa boasts multiple landmarks: artistic patios, legendary districts, and architecture platforms. Arkadia is among the landmarks that visitors notice. Here visitors meet a street with entertaining bases and restaurants leading to the ocean. The best thing is that this area is ever-active, from mid-autumn to mid-spring. At the Arkadia entrance, there is the Gagarinn hotel and a shopping mall.

Moreover, the place houses the First Casino, one of the leading casinos in the EU and the largest casino platform in Ukraine. It is a one-stop casino venue in the country. Keep in mind that it took the gaming house about two years to get all its permits, certify and install equipment, refurbish premises, hiring and training its staff. However, most of the workers come from abroad.

Gamers can enjoy many games, innovative technologies, and various playing rooms designed for different gaming needs.

The interior design, temperatures, lights, optimal sound, and scent bring the overall casino atmosphere to the venue. The 5,000 square meter casino area provides gambling terminals, around 300 slot machines, 14 poker tables, 26 card tables, and nine roulette stands.

The casino had all of its gambling equipment from reputable developers, including Apex, IGT, EGT, and Novomatic. In the big room in the casino, players can access a bar and nine gambling terminals. Moreover, the room has the best drinks you can find in Odessa.

Gamers can use the online data services in the gaming halls to see the stats about the previous 300 spins.

The casino building has multiple design features. The golden T-Rex sculpture welcomes gamers to the interior. These beasts that once ruled the world depict a vital turning point about our planet’s history. The statue here shows a turning point that the gambling market in Ukraine saw.

If you are a casino enthusiast, you may consider visiting this gambling house.